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A dream has already revealed a murder

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A dream has already revealed a murder

A dream has already revealed a murder

A dream has already revealed a murder
On one day in 1897, Elva Zona Xu was found dead in her home in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, when the first report on Zona’s death was reported to have died as a result of an unfortunate incident, but not a murder.
But four weeks after her death, Zona returned to life but in her mother’s dreams and told her she had died of murder.
But what happened to Mary Jane after her daughter died four weeks ago when Zona came to visit her mother several times in a strange series of dreams in which she tried to convince her mother that she was ” Did not die because of an accident, but was killed by her husband after he was overcome by anger over not cooking any kind of meat at dinner broke her neck and to confirm and clarify this point Zona ‘s ghost or her soul wrapped his head to a full circle.
Mary took this information to the local prosecutor who no doubt did not believe the characters of this story. But in the end, after attempts, the mother managed to convince him to dig her daughter’s grave, extract her body and perform a thorough anatomy. Indeed, the autopsy proved the mother’s claim about how her daughter died. Zona became the victim of a murder that was almost done by the perpetrator.

About the life of Elva Zona Show:

Zona was born in the county of Greenbrier in 1873. Her life was somewhat bad, especially after she gave birth to a child out of wedlock in 1895, and she was almost certainly not able to marry because she had never done so – because the birth was out of wedlock at the time Was seen as immoral and the perpetrator was undesirable.
However, Zona was able to marry after meeting a man named Edward Trout Shaw who had moved to the province recently to start a new life. Both were looking for a new beginning and a brighter future, so they got together and fell in love in a short time.
Marriage contract “Zona” and her lover “Edward” on 20 October 1896 against the wish of “Mary” mother of “Zona”. The couple lived a quiet and happy life to everyone’s knowledge and it was clear that this was only apparent.

The death of Elva Zona Xu:

On January 23, 1897, only three months after their marriage, Zona’s body was discovered in her home by a young boy who was doing some errands found lying on the ground at the bottom of the stairs.
A local doctor was sent to the scene to look at the body, but before his arrival, her husband moved her body to another place. She placed her upstairs on her bedroom and on her bed until he changed her dress and wore another one with a high neck. Her body was prevented by the husband who was wailing and embracing his wife’s head and crying. Any attempt to get close to the body was offered by the good was met with a violent payment from the husband to the doctor who surrendered in the end and left the place without doing work.
The report states that the cause of death was a state of weakness and later changed to “death during childbirth”, although Zona was not known to have been pregnant at the time.
During the funeral, the husband, Edward Shaw, did not leave his position near the open coffin, especially at the head of his wife. No one was able to approach the coffin and take a farewell look at Zona. At the end of the funeral, the husband put a scarf around his wife’s neck just before burying her.
Crime detection: –
Mary’s mother, Zona, was always convinced that Edward Shaw had killed her daughter, but she could not do anything about it. She had no evidence. Without Zona’s visit to her mother in the dream, which was not up to the level of evidence, it was the motive that never discovered the crime. It was assumed that the husband existed at the time because he was the closest of relatives, but he was not present and this was a confirmation of the doubts of the mother.
The body was exhumed and after the autopsy it was decided that the daughter’s neck had been brutally broken.
During the trial, he discovered that Shaw had been married twice before

  • His first marriage ended with divorce because of his cruel treatment of his wife. The second marriage ended with the death of his second wife in mysterious circumstances. He also highlighted that Shaw had future plans for marriage with seven women during his life. They could have given the same fate as Zona.
    Edward Shaw was found guilty of murder on July 11, 1897, and sentenced to life imprisonment (although most jurors were keen to impose the death penalty on the murderer but was not unanimous) and sentenced to prison in West Virginia State Prison where he died after Three years, as one of many who died during the epidemic.

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